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Northwind has you covered.

With a complete catalog of support and maintenance equipment at the ready, Northwind can outfit your processing plant from start to finish. Whether your facility is a start-up venture or a seasoned industry veteran, Northwind provides everything you need to get the wheels turning...and keep your facility running at optimum proficiency.


Hand Wash Station

The stainless steel handwash stations are fabricated from laser cut 12 ga. 304 #3 with configurations from 1 to 8 stations. The hand wash station is designed with a 25" tall backsplash for mounting soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and air dryers. Each wash station is complete with wall mounted goosenecks, recessed drains with standard 3-1/2" strainer baskets. The customer has a choice of valve options including knee, floor-mounted or hands-free on each sink.

Manual Tote Dumper

The stainless steel manual tote dumper is manufactured from laser cut 12 ga. 304 #3 stainless steel. It accepts standard 15-1/2" x 24-1/2" x 9" tote. The Infeed height is 36" with a discharge height of 30" on the standard tote dump. It incorporates a de-water/de-ice slide. The frame is manufactured from 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 3/16" 304 stainless steel angel. Legs include stainless steel foot pads with (+/-) 3" of adjustment. As with all food processing, support equipment installation is available.


Stainless Steel Scale Platform

The stainless steel scale platform is designed and manufactured to meet the plants requirements. The scale platform can be fabricated in a single scale platform, a double scale platform and a triple scale platform ~ whatever the customer requires.

Stainless Steel Table

The stainless steel table is an important piece of food processing support equipment. The stainless steel fabrication offers longevity and durability that holds up under the harsh cleanup and sanitation required by food processing plants. The table top is manufactured from laser cut 12 ga. 304 #3 stainless steel. The frame is fabricated from 1-1/2" 14 ga. 304 #3 stainless steel tube or from 1-1/2" x 1-1/2 x 3/16" stainless steel angle. Legs are on stainless steel foot pads with (+/-) 3" adjustment. Casters can be incorporated for ease of mobility. Width, length, and height are made to customer specifications.


Personnel Bench

Each Stainless Steel bench is manufactured with standard width and height but can be modified to meet customer's needs. The length of the bench will be determined by the customer.

Sanitation Locker

The stainless steel locker is designed to meet the needs of the sanitation department within any food processing plant.


Ergonomic Personnel Stand

Northwind designed the stainless steel ergonomic personnel stand for easy use and durability. The laser-cut stainless steel construction offers the benefit of smooth edges, precision fit, easy adjustments.

Manual Boot Scrub

All stainless steel construction. Completely manual operation.



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