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Legendary Quality Control

Northwind's top priority: Bringing your project in on time, within budget with quality work.

Quality Policy

Northwind, Inc. is committed to consistently providing products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We accomplish this through the acquisition and retention of talented people who are provided on-going training and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Northwind further supports this commitment with an integrated Quality Management System (QMS) that is customer-focused, meets applicable regulatory requirements, and is centered upon continuous improvement.


Quality Management System

In today's business environment, Northwind understands the importance of being able to act fast when an opportunity arises yet a fast turn around cannot be an excuse for inferior products, outlandish costs or lax customer service. For these reasons, Northwind, Inc. restructured the existing quality process into a quality management system. Through the implementation of these principles, Northwind strives to produce the highest quality - most cost-effective products delivered to your door when you need them.

Additionally, through process improvement, we continually monitor our processes to ensure that we are taking advantage of all possibilities to improve both quality and pricing for our customers. Northwind wants to be your business partner - not simply a supplier.

Assuring Quality

From job planning to delivery, Northwind, Inc. strives to build quality into each step of the process. Before the raw material is ordered, each aspect of your project is evaluated to establish your expectations and needs, and Northwind's ability to meet them.

We use only those suppliers who meet Northwind's high-quality standards. Work is thoughtfully planned so as to maximize the efficiency of Northwind's skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment and to significantly reduce the opportunity for quality deficiencies.

Verifications are performed during the process to ensure only a quality product is passed from one station to the next and to identify any potential system improvement opportunities. Once production is complete, all products are transferred to the Inspection Team and subjected to an intense evaluation before shipment to your door.



When a potential concern arises, your ability to quickly gather information is critical. Northwind thoroughly documents each product produced. From material suppliers and specifics to programming and tool usage; to labor and equipment utilization, Northwind can support your traceability requirements fast and thoroughly should that need arise.

Quality Promise

Whether your product consist of stainless steel blades for lawn mowers or complex titanium fittings for a satellite, Northwind appreciates the trust you place in us to deliver high quality with exceptional customer service. We understand that only through the success of our partners can wey truly be successful ourselves. Continual customer focus is our promise to you.

Image by Crystal Kwok


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