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Northwind was founded in 1994 by brothers, Mark and Tim Ogier.

At its conception, Northwind focused on providing high quality machined parts and custom stainless steel conveyor systems for the poultry industry throughout Arkansas and Missouri. By providing quality products and services, our customer base quickly grew from local to national and international. We continue our core business of design and manufacturing of custom stainless steel sanitary conveyors and support equipment for the food industry with customer service as a top priority. 

In 2016, Northwind began designing and manufacturing luxury outdoor kitchens made from 304 Stainless Steel, built to the same standards as NEMA 4X enclosures used throughout the food industry. These cabinets and islands are branded as Outdoor Stainless. You can view the Outdoor Stainless line at

Today, Northwind, Inc. operates from a modern, climate-controlled, 17,000 sq. ft. facility located atop a hill in the scenic Ozark Mountains of North Arkansas. Offering CNC machining, CNC laser cutting, fabrication, assembly, and installation. Northwind, Inc. is truly your full-service shop for high-quality products. 

With a vision for the future, the Ogiers continue to expand Northwind's product offerings by constantly upgrading its manufacturing capabilities and facilities. 



Northwind has gone GREEN.

Northwind believes that we must do all we can to protect the precious resources this wonderful planet provides. Since its inception, we have looked for ways to limit the consumption of resources and "Green" methods of dealing with waste. From the start, Northwind recycled scrap metal. In 2007, we expanded our recycling program to include UHMW plastic. Continuing our recycling efforts we began to recycle paper in 2008. Electrical consumption is closely monitored and conservation technology is utilized.

Whenever possible, Northwind operates within a paperless system. Through the use of email, we encourage electronic transfers of such information as purchase orders, invoices, statements, trade publications, etc., and maintain the majority of our process support documentation (i.e. procedures, manuals, etc.) in electronic form on Northwind's secure server. These practices have significantly reduced the amount of paper consumed. With the understanding that being "Green" is not a destination but an ongoing process, Northwind continues to look for ways to be good stewards of natural resources.

Northwind recognizes that the youth of today is our future!

In 2002 Northwind established the Nick Ogier Scholarship. Each year one deserving student from Alpena High School who excels in science is awarded the scholarship to assist them in continuing their education.

Image by Crystal Kwok


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